About me

Annyeong ^^

I’m a girl from Portugal who’s in love with kpop 🙂

When i found kpop i always watched subbed videos from other subbers.. then i thought it would be fun to sub videos myself.. so i learnt how to sub     and it’s been 2 years since i’m subbing K-pop videos.. time flies  😉

My name is Rute and i’m 17 years old.. and yep i’m still in high school.. but i’m in my last high school year.. who knows what i will do after? I’ll  probably move to Korea and be a trainee haha just kidding (but would be fun) :p

I don’t know korean.. i mean i know a few things that i learnt from all kpop songs, dramas and shows but i’m not fluent so all my translations are from pop!gasa and language by music.

My favourite groups are NU’EST and Infinite 🙂

I’m basically the only person who likes kpop in my city lol Well i still try to make my friends like it.. but sometimes i don’t succeed :p

I spend most of my time subbing videos.. watching dramas and shows (Running man is my favourite) well i’m at home most of the time :p

I love pink, chocolate and shopping and pandas 😉

I had many channels already.. and i’ll make as many as i have to, to keep subbing videos for all the kpop lovers ^^

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spreading the love for Kpop ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

97 thoughts on “About me

  1. Anyeonghasseyo 🙂
    Hi Rute ^^
    I love your videos, it’s easier for me in singing the song kpop ..
    good job Rute 🙂
    Thank you so much 🙂
    well, what program do you use to sub (hangul and alphabet) in the videos? 🙂

  2. Hello Rute 🙂
    I am like your wordpress especially love k-pop subs
    I can download any time and what I want
    thank you very much 🙂

  3. Hi Rute,

    First off, thank you so much for all your subs.
    I would like to know if it’s ok to make some requests? If you have time, could you please sub all CNBlue’s MV, I mean the old ones.. 🙂
    But I understand if you can’t or if your policy is no request.
    Thanks again

    Have fun 🙂

    • I take requests 🙂 but i can’t sub them all cuz i think they’re too many lol I already subbed some CN Blue mv’s you can find them here 🙂
      Can you tell me the names of the songs you want me to sub? would be easier for me ^_^

  4. Hi Rute, I just wanna say thank u soooo for all for all your subs. U’re doing a great job! your site it’s a great one! I can always find something new! And I’m in love with super junior ❤ and 10x for your sub to SHINee's song – Sherlock – I wanted to see the sub a long time ago.. so 10x 🙂
    keep it up- I'm in love with k-pop music& dramas @ shows !

    thank u:)

  5. Hello! 😀 Im totally into kpop and watch alot of sub videos and i think you’ve done a really aweesome job 😀 Thanks alot yo! -Guy from Singapore.

  6. Hey Rute im from portugal too 🙂 and i started recently listening k.pop and i love it yeah cuz guys like this too 🙂 even if im the few that apreciate this kind of things in my country i mean. see ya

  7. Hi Rute, nice introduction! It’s a pleasure to read it.
    I enjoy watching these subbed MVs, it helps my struggling Korean. Thank you so much

  8. I know on your page it says you’ll keep making new channels as long as you need to and Lovekpopsubs8 already has two strikes but wouldn’t it be better to keep Lovekpopsubs8 around so the videos remain on Youtube for those of us who want to watch them? I recommend that you upload the new songs on Lovekpopsubs10 so your already uploaded videos remain on Youtube and so you won’t receive any more strikes. I’m saying this as a big fan of your work as another K-Pop fan. Keep up the hard work but don’t forget school! ^ ^

  9. Hi Rute! Thanks for your hard work!
    Who would know that has someone that likes k-pop in Portugal! I’m living in Brazil but I’m portuguese and never met another portuguese that likes k-pop. You’re the first one! kkk 😀 Beeijos. ;*

  10. hello Rute! i enjoy your subbed video n thanx alot for that…you r not the only girl whose alone liking k-pop. i am just like u too, when listen to k-pop son is like being an alien, everyone will stare at me. howeva, that never stop me coz i love them so much…

  11. Heyy Rute (I like that name its so unique!) I have a question do you mind if I use ur videos to post it up on musicplayon because theres not that much kpop mvs there and i like to look at eng subs on screen wondering what their saying lol so do you mind, and dont worry the credit will be urs and basically not mine!

  12. Hello Rute! First of all I want to thank you for your work! I really love your videos and use them almost every day.
    And I would like to ask you to sub new Tritops MV – Love Addiction… I know they aren’t famous enough but I really like the song..so if you have a will and time, I will appreciate it a lot!
    Thanks in any case!
    Take care!


  13. halo! since last year i start know about u…i love your video….i watch it almost every day..u n i love the same things…like running man..i don have a lot friends watch tv n internet make me feel like i have friends..that is the reason that i want to thank u…i hope u can continue what u doing….thank you so much..
    p/s:i hope i we can be friends..hahahahaha(i thinks that possible)
    i already add you at the facebook ….my facebook name is anna alfathunissa….thanks

  14. hello!!! honestly i only watch videos which are liked by you 🙂 you are awsome keep it up and have fun at the same tiiiimmmme :3

  15. hello rute 😀
    can you sub Go YounHa’s songs, if you have any time keke!
    and BTW i love ur vids and i wanna say thanks for that hehe^^ now i can understand the message of their songs…
    ~~take care<3

  16. Hey Rute, I’ve been following your subbed mv’s for quite a while now (gotta be around a year, I think) and now I find out you’re actually portuguese – I’m portuguese too^^ It’s really cool to find another portuguese kpop fan =) Força Portugal =P hehe

  17. hi rute…..been in ur shoes , am syrian and havent met kpop fan from my own country … am in love with korean culture and music ,i listen basicly to SJ ,cnblue and ftisland:)..
    i thought u r korean:)…which program do u use to translate?
    wish u all luck..keep it up

  18. Hi Rute! Thanks for your hard work!
    i’m FARAH From kuwait .. arab country i love your work when it’s holiday i always lisen to K-POP songs and read the sub. ( that you make for 100 of poeple to injoy it )

  19. i really love your subs i am from Egypt and i prefer eng sub
    so it had been more than 2 years since i have known kpop
    and a year since i have been watching videos in your sub
    i really like your subs so don t stop you are the best ^_^
    fighting ~ ^_^

  20. Hello, I would like to request Teen Top’s “Supa Love”. I think there songs are really catchy and underated. Thanks for your time. 🙂

  21. I would just like to say thank you sooo much for these. You should be impressed because guess what! I am an English Teacher in Korea and sometimes I let the kids watch a music video for a reward. I only let them watch it if it has English subs though! You are their hero! So lately the kids have been requesting “Gangnam Style” by PSY. Can you add that to your list of “next to dos”? Thanks again for your time 🙂

  22. hi, Rute…very good work for all your subbing video, i really like it 😀
    i am Sylvana from Indonesia
    can you help me to subbing ost I Do I Do? sang by Alex Clazziquai: If It Were Me (Nayeosseumyeon)
    i am really glad if you want to do it..please please
    the song is very cool, with the feel of old times music.
    thank you^^

  23. hi Rute
    I really really like your subbing video’s
    and thanks to your video’s I now understand what the meaning of my favorite song are about
    Thank very much ^_^
    and I’m getting better to english thanks to you also ^_^

  24. Why do all the people who are into k-pop basically have no social life. It’s kind of scary how much of a loner many of you are. I’m into everything. I listen music from almost every part of the world. I watch movies from many many places and enjoy going out with friends every week. I really hope you guys do not take liking something that is basically not part of your real life to the extreme and forget to live in the real world with real people and real goals. If it;s just a hobby then be my guest and spend a healthy amount of time on it and try to not give it all your free time. There are so many things in the world to enjoy to be fixated in only one thing.

    • Hey lo87tri… whenever you start off a sentence with, “Why do ALL the people” it usually results in something truly ignorant being said. You would have to know ALL the people who listen to k-pop in the world to make that judgement. Do you really claim to do that? K-pop is just another word for Korean pop music. So you think the whole country of Korea are loners? Does anybody who listens to pop music a loner? What if it’s American pop music, or pop music from Canada, the UK, or Thailand? For someone who watches movies and listens to music from all over you sure do know how to speak with the naivete and ignorance of a person living a pretty sheltered existence.

  25. Olá, Rute. Chamo-me Ana e também sou portuguesa. Recentemente, encontrei o teu site e agora sou frequentadora assidua, sempre a ver que novidades tens. Assim também vou conhecendo outras bandas que vão aparecendo. As minhas favoritas são 2PM, 2NE1, Infinite, MBLAQ e Super Junior. Também sou fã de Running Man, é daqueles variety shows que podemos sempre contar com umas boas gargalhadas. Obrigada pelo teu trabalho, tens o meu apoio. Beijos

  26. hi rute
    my name is ghazwa and i m from Iraq and i want to tell you im always been piked up cuse i love k-pop k-drama so hining in there cuse u r not by your self and to tell you u r wonderful your subs are the best

  27. Hi Rute,
    I tried to download u-kiss, but it didnt work; it said either u or the site took it down 😦
    Pls fix it, wanna listen to ukiss…….
    Also, thank u for taking the time to sub these videos, its really nice of u,
    Pls continue! 🙂

  28. Hi Rute~
    i triedto download u-kiss but it wouldnt work; it said it had been removed by u or the website. So confused…….help pls!
    Also, thank u for always subbing the songs,its awesome to know what im singing about 😝


  29. Many of your videos on MediaFire are no longer available for download. I was wondering if this is accidental (or you had deleted the songs on purpose) and if you could fix it so those of us who want them can download the songs? MediaFire says the file is “invalid or deleted” so maybe it’s just because the files are old? :-/ But anyways Please >.<
    I wanna listen to songs~~~ and thank you. m(_ _)m
    and b(^_^)d for the hard work

  30. hello Rute..
    i really like your subbing video..
    if you don’t mind to share what type of software that u used to sub the video?
    i’m also want to trying making my own subbing mv..
    coz i’m an IT student, so I want to learn a little about it..

  31. Hello Rute! I just wanna drop by to say thank you a lot for your hard work…I really like how the subs are presented in your videos ..very clear to follow and the vids are super high quality ❤ they helped me a lot in learning korean while watching my favorite MVs!:)))
    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  32. hey i’m so happy i found your tumblr, thanks a lot for your hard work! I’m new to kpop so i’m looking for the old ones like big bang & 2ne1’s lollipop, suju’s sorry3, snsd etc.. but it’s gone.. if possible could you reupload them?

  33. hi!
    thank you for all your hard work!
    I have a request: could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sub “Heenain – bad person” (see link below)?

    her voice is so beautiful and the song & lyrics are great 😉
    I think (I hope) you’ll like it! ^^
    take care and thank you again for all your videos!!!!

  34. Hii rute,I am very like the video you subed,I very like K-pop music and drama,k-pop music is the most I liked.But I don
    not know their MV’s meaning,because I do not know Hangul at all.So I always to look the vieo that translated them into
    English,it will be convenient to understand their lyric’s meaning.But I want to mention a piece of advice,which is that
    you uploaded to the disc files can save more than a period of time.When I try to search for the video more than one
    year,I found that most of them have was invalid,so could you save more than a period of time.so that everyone can
    have it.

    • I make the timing in aegisubs (i usually start with the translation) and then for the rom and han i just copy & paste into the lines, but then i gotta convert the video 3 times, for each aegisubs file.

      • 3 times??each for rom,han,and translation right??i thought u did it with 1 subtitle only.
        i try myself could only make 2 lines with 1 subtitle file (i wonder if it’s possible to make triple lines like u did in your video with just 1 subtitle file only).
        thats a lot of work you did. double thumb for you 🙂
        have u ever consider using another converter?? i think there is possibilities your video will be much clearer n sharp.

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  36. i think your not the only portuguese who likes kpop i also tried to make my friend like kpop…but also never succed… 🙂
    but your chennals are the ones that i go if i want to find new kpop songs…
    obrigado pelo teu trabalho ;D…

  37. Hi Rute!! I very love the video you subbed.
    If you dont mind to share what kind of software did you used for encoding your video into hardsub one.
    im trying myself but always having difficult time with hardsub stuff.

  38. Hi Rute!!!
    I really LOVE your videos and I am a fan of you on FB and Twitter ❤ …
    I hope you learn lots of Korean and achieve your goal of going to Korea …
    I appreciate all of your hard work and really want to thank you very much!!
    HWAITING~!! ❤

  39. Hi Rute!!
    Im very love your subbed video cause help me understand what they sang…
    may i know what is font-name that you use on every video???
    i want to make the same work as you do….

  40. OHH UNNIE I‘m From Saudi Arabia
    And I‘m Big Fan For you
    really I love Your Translat
    Hwaiting Unnie
    And Your Name In Arabic is :
    روتي ^^

  41. Hi Rute!!!
    I really love every vidoe you subbed. it help me understand korean in a quickest way.
    I want to know what kind of font did you used to make each hangeul – romanization – english, coz it looks fit in video.
    Especially hangul one coz it look unique than any other. Hope you can share it to us.

  42. Hey!! I am really well a type of a fan of urs. i really love ur videos.well actually i am enspired by u to sub the korean and japanese music videos but i can’t.Can you plzz teach me how to sub music video??? it would really mean a lot to me.<3

  43. Hi Rute! Thank you so much for all the videos! Is there any way you could fix the links?? A lot of links belong to a “suspended account.” Thanks again for what you do!!

  44. Hello from Singapore!!! 🙂 …I want U to know I really LOVE your channel & usually post them on my FB wall to share & spread the love for Korean songs! Keep it up! Perhaps will connect to U for biz opportunities regarding Korea stuffs! Cheers! 🙂

  45. hi rute, thank you so much for your hard work subbing the videos, i really enjoy watching it. just wondering what kind of video software are you using? have a wonderful day!

  46. I love watching your subbed Kpop videos. And yep, I’m one of the rare Kpop fanatics in my city too … I think. Also helping to spread Korean entertainment as much as I can. Visit my site for more.

  47. Hello Rute .. ^_^
    Nice to meet u..
    I really like your subbed video. I always look forward to your new video. I hope I can be your fan because I really love the videos made by you as it is very neat and organized. One more thing, I hope I can make a request..
    I’m sorry if there are annoying you also my language -bow-

  48. I was hoping you could sub a song called You & I by Sunbee. Also wanted to thank you for subbing these videos for people like me who don’t understand korean but love kpop. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  49. hi~
    I know Son Dam Bi’s Saturday Night is quite an old song, but it’s one of my favourite kpop songs and no one has ever subtitled it T.T, so I was hoping that maybe you could?
    Thank you for all your videos ^~^
    have a nice day!

  50. I Love your subbed video…
    your youtube channel is one of my fav channel.. 🙂
    when a new MV’s out,, i will type the name of the MV with Lovekpopsubs at the end.. 🙂
    Thank’s for what you’ve done..

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